S T O R Y  




Who am I:


My mother was born in Sardegna, and my father is Belgian, which makes me a 50/50 of both worlds.

Thanks to those very different roots I’ve become a food loving, social, Italian vibed, hard working with an eye for quality and detail kinda person.


So next to being that person I’ve uplifted myself by marry- ing my partner in crime for over 13 years who brings music into my life on a daily basis.

He’s a dj/producer and obviously he’s really into music but lucky for me he’s also very much into food and here’s the cherry on the cake; he's really into cleaning the house after me!

And let’s not forget about being a dog mommy to pantoufle and being very proud of it.



What do I do:


Ambitious spontaneous entrepreneur with a big love for food.

I’ve been working for years as a private chef and hosted my own cooking and gathering space where people came together for any kind of event or celebration.Good times. See some of it on Atelier des Fêtes.
unfortunatly the website doesn’t excist anymore, but this was the blog.


Meanwhile the daily cooking and hosting had to make place for my love for Sardegna, where I host (culinary/recharge) retreats, next to hosting retreats I also guide you through the magical island from my  point of view, as an insider.

More on that here: Margerita - Influenced By Sardegna



As food is a huge part of my life I continue creating with food through foodstyling, recipe developing, traveling and exploring with the aim to discover new (food) places that you can discover on margaux margarita.


What do I do and who I am, here it is in a nutshell;

I do food > Margaux

I am a Sardegna lover > Margerita

That makes me Margaux Margerita.

Get it?



A platform for the love of sharing what we all like and what makes us happy; travel, food, daily lifestyle stuff.

A kind of personal dairy, where honesty is the keyword and I'll bring it real and raw, no sugarcoating involved. 
Next to that you can follow my (professional) work, my likes on travel, food, places I've seen, things I've tasted and liked and sometimes disliked too, no bad intentions.


Oh and here's a little side note:

I'm not a copywriter kinda girl, I truly write so many mistakes and i will misspel words and I also can't handle a good sentence structure. ButI don't care I know you'll understand what I'm sharing. So don't bother sending your corrections, lighten up :) It's supposed to be 'for fun'. (Honestness already kicking in)

So yes to fun because taking life to seriously makes you look old.
Aahhhh first sloppy quote insterted :)

So next to al the writing, or was it righting? mistakes. I truly hope you'll enjoy it, I know I will while sharing with you...