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Bijgewerkt op: 16 apr. 2019

I've been to Berlin several times the past years. At first sight you think ohhh this is a bit of a grey and dramatic place, can't blame it wiht the history written over there. But ones you stop thinking about that you see much more, a free spirit vibe is very a life of all which I'm a big fan. Organized chaos is what I can relate to it. I visited Berlin mostly during cold winter times and only ones during the summer. Must say I've enjoyed it much more during the hot summer days, but that is for almost every destination I think.

We rented bikes and discovered the city with a friend living there. Always try to go local would be my N°1 travel tip.

As my husband is a DJ we've obviously discovered Berlins famous the nightlife to the fulles. Berlin is known for it's hardcore nightlife scene, I interpret it as a Disney Land for adults in general for music and party lovers. We danced the nights away at Weekend, Watergate, Berghain, Katterblau, Wilde Renate, private parties in complete ruins of buildings (that's a thing there ... and many more of whom I can't remember the names or my own name at that point :)

But my favorite Disney land ride in Berlin are all the many places where you can eat for really reasonable prices. There are tons of dining options with cuisines from all over the world. You can have French in the morning, Asian for lunch, Lebanese for dinner, German as a midnight snack and American during the after hours. All cuisines are representing all day long. Oh and sorry for the Germans/Berliners but I find 'currywürst' overrated!

My fav's spots to eat in Berlin

CHÉN CHÈ - Tea house, Vietnamese restaurant

My all time favorite place to go in Berlin.

It's always my first or last stop. The food is really really good and the atmosphere is very serene and calming. it's like actually being in Asia. The tea's are boiling all day long and the garden terrace is very relaxing in the midst of vibrant Mitte. My fav's are the Vietnamese pancakes and a tofu soup with tomato.

I like going there for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea and a little dessert .

MOKKABAR (Kreuzberg)

- Restaurant, cafe, bar

Simple food, no tralalala and good coffee. There breakfasts are to die for, literally. You really have to do your very best to finish them. I had a latte and the 'mokka bar brunch' and we added melted camembert to share. TO DIE FOR!

- Cafe, luncheonette, catering This place is just worth a visit only if it was for the minimalistic concrete interior I have the hots for.

That minimalistic style is repeated in there dishes, in a good non-boring and healthy food way.

SOHO HOUSE (MITTE) - Members' club and hotel

If you're one of the lucky ones being an owner of a Soho House membership ( = lifegoal ) or having a friend being a member then enjoy these lovely organized celeb-spotting hotspots that Soho House has to offer worldwide. I really liked the one in Berlin, the drinks where apetizing and the food correctly good. You can also just book a room and you'll have acces to the areas. Little anekdote: When I entered the restaurant the first 'thing' I saw was Top Model Doutzen Kroes enjoying her aperitivo. Yes this is my kinda place, I thought to myself. Entering in this vibe does something with a person and somehow you kinda secretly start acting like a celebrity / VIP too, not so difficult for me ;) After enjoying a lovely meal we went upstairs to the bar to sip on some more cocktails. There we had the supernormal human being idea to take a picture of my husband and his friend, as a reminder of a great evening and a beautiful friendship. BUT the waiter came running to us and was screaming " no pictures, PLEASE " and there my 15minutes of fame celebrity behaviour immediately turned into harsh reality again. Being as 'myself' again I shot the picture anyways and now we have a very nice memory of that evening and a whatsapp group called " no pictures please" .

SPINDLER (Kreuzberg) - Brasserie - Restaurant

I like this place because of it's very nice and delightful interior and location.

It's located at the riverside amongst other very nice places to discover. I just had a coffee after my lunch next door at CHAN (see next tip) but the food also looked good.

They seem to have a very tasty looking and extensive brunch menu. Next time I'll go for a coffee and breakfast. I've spotted the "Eggs Roseline" poached eggs, spinach, avocado, seeds

home-made sauce hollandaise, on toasted English muffin

baby potatoes. Mmmmmm....

CHAN (Kreuzeberg)

- Thai brasserie I'm a big fan of dimsum and dumplings in general, who isn't? I am therefore also very critical when it comes to these Asian delights. At chan you'll find a variety of genuine Thai cuisine and some classics. I had the steamed dumplings and a pat thai here for lunch. I went twice in one day, that's how happy I was about the food they served! oh and have a fresh ginger tea it tickles your senses.

FIVE ELEPHANT (Kreuzberg / Mitte) - Specialty coffee roastery, bakery and cafe

It's very simple; we like the coffee, we like the interiors, we like the branding and we like the extra's such as cheesecake!

VOO STORE (Kreuzberg) - Conceptspace

A conceptstore with all things nice, from contemporary (high end) fashion to modern design and lifestyle. Maybe you don't have the budget, no worries just act like it ;) have a look it's always inspirational and they have coffee and tea to game it all up.

- Dimsum restaurant

It's been a while that I've been here but from what I remember we had a 2hour sit down of non stop dumpling eating. Worth a re-try.

Oh and NO MSG

- Market

On sunday go strolling at the flea market and definitely have some flamküche at the eating spot.

RELAX VABALI - Spa & Welness

Ok this isn't suitable for everybody as the spa is public and you have to go full monty. Akward you think? not really, there was a really relaxing atmosphere and you go there to relax not to excite... But allright it's ok to look, we all do it! We had a very good massage. But the two times we went it was always very crowded as it's quiet famous.

- Döner Kebab hub

Surely this place is a bit overrated and hyped but still, there famous döners are nice.

don't mind qeu-ing as everybody has heard of this hotspot. I would suggest the gemüse kebab over the chicken kebab.

- Street, Area

Just the street in general and the area around it are nice to wander. Nice clothing and interior shops and many restaurants to check out, especially Asian. My fav Chén Chè is also located in rosenthaler strasse.


- River Cruise

I would recommend a trip on the river spree to get oriented in the city.

Where heading to a wedding in Berlin in a couple of weeks of our " no pictures, please" friends . I hope I'll have some time to discover some new places. I'll keep you posted on the next Berlin post.

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