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A home away form home... under the balearic sun!

Last year friends bought a house in Ibiza to rent it out as a holiday villa. We have smart friends :D They renovated it with blood, sweat, tears, hierbas and cervezas and born was the beautiful ' Casa Stellar'

I was very charmed when they asked me to take the interior pictures of their new (2nd) home, without hesitating I said 'si si si mucho gusto'. I had one of the best (work) experiences ever, I've enjoyed it so much and was (still am) very proud of them. Who's buying a house and needs pics and some interior styling help??? call me...

Here are some bts shots...

Of course as always in these cases the construction works were not over yet and we had to be very creative in taking the right pics at the right time. Think (day) lightning timings, areas that were not finished yet and FULL OF WHITE LIMESTONE DUST (= #ootd), interior that wasn't decorated and styled yet... But hey we did a wonderful job together and that's how the last steps of building this stunning holiday villa set place and we had lot's of fun!

I can't wait to go back and see how it has evolved. As for the moment (coronavirus lockdown) they are working diligently to add even more improvements to the house.

The villa is located near Cala Vadella, where you'll find some hotspots as well and which is one of my favorite areas in ibiza; tranquil ambiance, beautiful scenery and local Balearic vibes. (see previous Ibiza Blogpost for my tips)

The 4 bedroom villa is surrounded by an amazing and mostly very inviting terrace that is actually the heart of the property. With all white floors and walls (good to get that extra hard tan :) chill- and dining areas and a refreshing pool and outside shower and endless bleu skies. No need to go out an exploring when staying here... but actually do so, because ibiza is way to nice not to explore. And then come home to this jewel. I'm sure you'll find some hidden gems tipped by the owners, they definitely know their way around.

Pay a visit to their website and start dreaming of that next Ibicenco escape... I'll be waiting for that lovely invite of yours ;D

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