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Well well after doing a little poll on instagram stories I've found out Ibiza is still ridiculously popular amongst us.

Let me start by saying this, It is legitimately impossible to sum up all the places to see, taste and stay at in ibiza as there are so so many good ones but I've written down some inside info's and listed up some more without extra inside info as this blogpost was getting way too long. But it will certainly give you a good kickstart to embrace the Isla Blanca.

I personally prefer to enjoy the island in a 40%-60% modus. 40% within all the buzz and fuzz and 60% more away from it all and go a bit more inland, local, simple and at ease. Great period to go are May/June - Sep/Oct. If you're a total party animal then during the entire season even at high season you'll be happy in this party paradise.

So here are some previous and new hotspots I love to share with you. Enjoy your Ibicenco holidays, wish I was there....

- Holiday villa

I have to start with this place as it was the reason for my recent trip to ibiza.

Unfortunately I didn't stay there (yet) as the house was still under construction process but I've spent 3 days photographing the house for their website pictures.

And I can tell you, this is a ... No wait let me rephrase; this is THE place to stay when renting a holiday house in Ibiza.

Casa Stellar is run by friends of ours who have an eye for service and detail, need I say more?

Will actually yes, not only did they think about the details, you immediately feel at home by the welcoming atmosphere and the vibes and soul they've put in the house. It's super close to Cala Vadella, so this means a nice relaxing and quiet neighborhood, perfect for families and friends. Have a look at their website you'll find all the info's you need to know and bump into my pics ;p.

Contact them with MARGAUX I MARGERITA regards.

- Design hotel / finca

Oh my, Oh My, Oh My

The moment I set foot in this hotel it immediately made it's way into my TOP 5 places to stay.

I could write a 1000 words about how much and why I like it so much but you have to do me the favor to check out their website (link on the title) get inspired and book a stay. And please say hello to Caroline the owner, she will take good care of you...

A few words to give you an idea because I can't help myself:

Passion, serene, luxurious, unique, elegant,.... + 995 words in the same direction to describe this fantastic place. Just go, don't hesitate on it.

- Design Hotel / Farmhouse

It's a sad story but I still haven't stayed there myself.

But I've had the pleasure to wine & dine there, so that's a start. Expect a culinary adventure from farm to table with only local produce, lot's of salads, a bit too much of salads for me actually but the sizzled pieces of meat afterwards made it all good.

Next to the dining experience I've really embraced this beautiful domain and it's location. It all starts with the (hi)story of the farmhouse. Where authenticity is main key and I'm a big sucker for it.

Next to that they've created a next level atmosphere by keeping the authenticity of the house very much alive with a minimal designed interior with lovely fabrics and textures, you'd wish you could live their for a bit. The creatives behind this beauty are also the developers of Scorpios (Mykonos) Design Hotels,...

- Hotel

About 400m of Casa Stellar, near Cala Vadella you'll find a hidden all white hotel called Hotel Village.

We've discovered it 7-8 years ago and we were charmed by the hostess at breakfast and the location.

You could say it's starting to get a little bit outdated compared to other places in Ibiza. But the service is very good and the bedrooms are spacious and all white which makes it so serene and cosy. In all honesty you're far far away from all the hustle and bustle from the extravagant Ibiza and it's carrousel on money spending possibilities which can be nice too.

So if you're in need of a little 'incognito' escape, this can be the place.

Ohhhh and follow the path near the breakfast area, it will lead you to a super secret swim/sunbathing spot where it will be just you and nature.

ps: I think the owners have a connection with Asia as you'll bump into many Asian arts & deco and I had an amazing Thai chicken curry! WIn.

- Grand Café / Restaurant

Yes ok, this is a bit of a commercialized establishment but the food and the views are really good. The service; hmmm it depends on who's serving you so I could suggest to bring your biggest smile and think of some nice compliments to give to your waiter/waitress, it can help.

This is mostly our last stop to round up our ibiza holiday before catching our plane. It's situated at the marina botafoch (that's fancy for 'port') next to the Lio, easy access and easy parking = double win!

The terrace is just on the edge of the docks so you can enjoy an amazing view on Ibiza old town and the boats sailing in & out of the port. Please please please order the club sandwich and some tomato toasts with ham. You'll see you'll go home happy and satisfied! I want a picture to prove it to me that you followed my suggestion!

The main reason why it's mostly our last stop before heading back is because we order some take away goodness to take with us on the plane. I mean as a bit of a foodsnob (and that's an understatement) I detest airport and airplane food so I get organized and can leave happy and secure to my next destination.

Hahaha who am i kidding after a holiday in ibiza it's straight to home as my wallet is as empty as my stomach in an airport or airplane when there was no good food to be found before! So keep that in mind, Ibiza is certainly sugar, spice and all things nice but don't forget to spice up that bank account before you go as it can get pretty pricy sometimes!

- Beach & restaurant (behind Port de San Miguel beach)

Ahhh a good old favourate.

We've discovered Utopia many years ago by asking some locals where we should go to have a beach day of the beaten track and with not so many other tourists, I prefer thinking of myself and my travel partner(s) as curious visitors instead of tourists :)

Today Utopia Chiringuito is not so unknown anymore (sorry had to share it with friends) but it still remains a very nice and serene little bay that feels undiscovered.

The first time we got their we were super excited by the little adventure we had to take to get to the beach. Head to the touristy San Miguel beach and walk up to the restaurant on the left, you'll find a pathway next to it that will lead you to the little hidden bay of rocky Utopia. Enjoy the views while 'promenading' up their.

Don't expect luxurious beach beddings and soft sands, It's a primitive pebble beach that makes it maybe less popular for the mass but don't care about what the mass does, you're a curious visitor remember :)

Have a swim, enjoy the surrounding mountains, the fresh water, sunbathe a bit and then sit your beautiful buttocks on the plastic chairs and enjoy some freshly caught fish from the bbq prepared by a real mamacita who knows how to handle her grill.

Sounds amazing right?

Oh and be aware if you're not a 'free in the sea wee-er' (btw: I'm one of these persons that loves doing that !) I would suggest you to become one as the toilet is a bit challenging, it's a bio/ecological hole in the ground kinda situation, it's up to you...

I discovered that the little fishermens' shack is actually a mini studio for 2p. I mean how amazing is that! But I really don(t know if it's for rent at all!

Maybe the exploitants of the chiringuito can help...

Side note: last year we went back and we had the feeling the owners had changed of the chiringuito as it didn't have the same service and welcoming atmosphere anymore and they spoke German (bye bye local Ibicenco vibe) It was a tiny bit disappointing as we remembered it as OH SO AMAZING AUTHENTIC GENIUNE LOCAL PLACE. Other than that the location and setting is worth it.

- Beach

A typical family beach where you can rent a pedalo and peddle and dive yourself through the day. I suggest you to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant Bon Sol, they have good pizza's and salads. Or even a bit more up the road going to Cala vadella there's a simple local bar/bistro you'lldrive by called Can Pa, they have nice things too, the tapa del dia is always apetizing such as breadcrusted fetta, ceviche, zucchini & avocado pasta,...

- Beach (playa s'estanyol)

I have to be transparent on this one but it's been actually ages I've been there. So I don't know if the place still is the same as then but it's worth the mention.

We've looked for almost 2hours to find it with 5 people! It was funny at the beginning and frustrating near the end. Until we've finally found a stone marked with PK2 on it, it was a revelation I tell you.

We've spend the entire day swimming and lounging in the water with some good oldskool music in the background and had an amazing fish dish at the beachhub. I don't think it's still the same people managing the hub but back then the food was really good and not pricy.

Challenge yourself and go on that roadtrip to find this little quiet bay. ps; in our defence Waze or any travel app wasn't a thing yet back then it was good old un-updated gps', roadmaps and asking locals in your best Spanish.


- smallest balearic island

A must visit when in ibiza. There are constantly boats heading to formentera from different ports over the island, pick your best option and have a day or two at formentera. Its' charming and rustic.

Don't be fooled, like us, by some mass touristy places.

e.g: restaurant Juan y Andrea, was a bit of a rip off in our experience. Yes it has a very nice setting by the sea on the beautiful beach of Illetes (which you have to pay for entry if you're not elegantly sliding in by boat)

We had a ridiculous pushed in the tiniest corner of the establishment not so cosy table and the food was really overpriced. It missed character and felt more like a food factory in a reasonable nice setting. Okay I can continue my 'malcontenta' about this place but I won't as it was my own fault of not digging in deeper and really looking for a gooood place to lunch that would've been more up my alley . Other than that the Illetes beach is beautiful, it made me think of the Sardegna beaches (more on that matter in a future blogpost) Explore the island as it's really beautiful and has this typical island rough nature and amazing beaches. Maybe rent a moped or bicycle and wander around, lovely!

- Beach

One of the most famous beaches of Ibiza (let's not even mention playa d'en bossa please), and it's a nice one.

Pick your choice, just lay on the sandy long streched beach or go to one of the beachclubs.

My favourate one and yes I know it's a classic and nothing new to share, is Sa Trinxa. In the morning it's calm and at ease, as the day passes by the atmosphere evolves and get's more crowded. By the afternoon it's bustling and the party jitters come up. Put on your sunnies and enjoy the buzz on some good tunes of the balearic sounds of Jon Sa Trinxa (still listening weekly to his playlists) Indulge into everything what's happening around you and especially enjoy all the beautiful and happy people, it gives you 'jitter bugs' and that's a main thing what the island is about - exhibition and beauty for the eyes right?

If you continue walking passed Sa trinxa you'll get to some beautiful small bays where you can get away from the busy crowds and maybe have a skinny dip too. Be adventurous and have a walk even a bit further into the pathways in the midst of typical Mediterranean nature. It's very nice and I even think it's a reserve.

If you continue a beach stroll on the other side you'll bump into the Jockey club, where the day party vibes are also present, but not like in your face if you know what I mean. We've had an unforgettable afternoon there that totally escalated with dancing on the tables of the restaurant on the best tracks from anno 2000 - 2010 ( belgian DJ ;) keep an eye (ear) on it.

Next to the Salines beach you'll find playa es cavallet. Also a very nice beach to relax at. Strechted soft and sandy beach with clear waters. Oh and as a food-obsessed, some nice beach bars too. A long long time ago when I used to be young and free, just joking, still am ;) No seriously now, the first time I went to ibiza (probably 10years ago?) the famous beach restaurant Il Chiringuito was one of my best discoveries. The food was finger licking good the people who worked their too actually ;p and it was already a mucho loved and a bit of a crowded place. But the ambient was still a bit less 'over the top, have you seen me and my bottle of rosé, take a 100000000 selfies kinda crowded. You now what I mean right? Anyhow it's nice so make sure to make a reservation to be sure of your perfect selfie at the beach holding a glass of rosé with a cute waiter in the background.

Little anecdote I'M NOT ASHAMED OF SHARING with you. But skip it if you're not into 'intimate and personal info'

One beautiful morning I was strangely not really feeling like myself and I ordered a healthy breakfast!!!! No pan con tomate and avocado and eggs on toast, no gracias.

It was the beginning of the upcoming trend of the oh so stylish and famous foodpic we all encountered with of the 'acai bowl'. So obviously I had to have one too (a bowl and a fancy foodpic) it was my first acai bowl ever.

I ate the whole thing (duhhh), I was very satisfied by it, so my day of sunbathing, swimming and elegantly strolling on the beach could start.

At some point the effect of the acai kicked in. Hmmmm that's a strange feeling in my tummy!? And it kept kicking in again and again, harder and harder.

Ok let's see how the restrooms are decorated here maybe I can get inspired for the one at home? Let's say they needed some re-decoration according to my tummy!!!

Well what is that an acai effect you're asking yourself? Be healthy they say it also helps losing weight, they say. Well I definitely lost some weight in a miraculous short time period. = tha acai effect. So that was it for me on the matter of 'healthy breaky's'.

Little Side note: Actually I have friends that have an acai selling company (in Belgium) they explained me that the acai being served (back then) maybe had been frozen in the amazonia (acai is always frozen packed and comes from the amazonia area) with water from over there. Which we maybe better stay away from when having a bit of a delicate digestion system. That could've been the reason of my 'best and fastest diet ever'.

Ok I know that isn't the ibiza tip you were waiting for but I love to write and share about these real life things too :)

So not to end with this to personal note here's a list of many more hotspots to discover and enjoy! Please let me know if my guide helped you enjoy life as it should... put it on the gram and tag away I'd love to know about it and make the guide famous!




















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