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A buzzing and charismatic city. Lisbon is the travel destination I would recommend to all foodies and hospitality lovers who can enjoy the charm of old and new upcoming hotspots.

For us Lisbon is our new Barcelona, Barcelona has always been our go to if we just want to enjoy a quick little escape. (traveling from Belgium) We adore it for all it’s facilities the city has to offer such as; being a metropolitan city, having beaches, parks, international citizens, a foodie lifestyle, the mediterranean climate, the culture and colorful architecture details...

Lisbon most definitely can fill in all these boxes too. And my god, the friendliness of the Portuguese amazed me every day!

Hospitality on point!

If you’re the (bit lazy) taking the subway kinda city tripper I would truly suggest to go and explore new bounderies by foot in Lisbon. As this hilly panoramic city is worth walking through every charming cobbled street and up hill hikes. And serves you with beautiful facades, little piazza’s to enjoy a well deserved break for an aperitivo and food wherever and whenever wished.

But no worries there are these cute old trams that bring you to the most interesting points of the city and uber is extremely cheap.

It’s true that there’s an upcoming trend; spotting a lot of (good earners) expats which is showing that the prices are increasing in real estate and new hotels and bars who totally focus on this clientele.

But the advantage of that is, again I’m repeating myself here, the kindness and there very nice service in hospitality.

I always love to go into detail on every recommendation I share but of course I’m aware that no soul wants to read that much on my personal (very critical sometimes :) opinions.

So let’s share my un/detailed selection of hotspots focussed on food and places to stay that I’ve tried and tested or caught my attention to visit next time.

Places to stay in Lisbon:

Appartments for rent with additional (breakfast) service.

New, clean, very well located and spacious.

A new and unique hotel.

The interior is a marriage of all textures and color mixtures one can imagine. The bar and restaurant perfect for a extravert night out where dressing up is a must if you ask me. The menu is a bit similar to the classic Cecconi's that are housed in the Soho House hotels . Which is very convenient for all.

The rooms are a place to find calmth and peace in the bustling city.

Different spaces in an architectural setting. This in an old renovated building in the old quarter of the city. Very classy.

A brand new wine experience hotel with an in house caudalie spa.

Perfectly centrally situated in front of the panoramic view of the Sao Pedro de Alcantara.

Their beds are the kinda beds that are helping you not missing your own.

Apartments and studio's for solo travelers, couples and families.

Feel like royals in this authentic and luxurious hotel.

Very nice city views from the terrace.

Classic appartments and suites

A city boutique hotel in 'new-vintage style' with a rooftop and spa.

The famous 'mama loves you' also settled in Lissabon.

A hotel with apartments style rooms a rooftop and a spa.


For the coffee, brunch and breakfast all day lovers out there; Lisbon is your city.

It is packed with these places, here's my selection:

Cute interior concept store, coffee breakfast and lunch place.

Lovely shaded terrace in the back. side note:

Apparently a fav hang out work spot for expats and ladies who order a coffee with 'fancy fashionable milks (quoting the waitress/owner here) or a non fat chocolate milk, where the waitress answered quote: 'so just milk than' :)

They have 3 different spots around the city, my favorate is the one in the Alfama quarter, especially when having a seat on the terrace.

Interior and locations are on point! Food is good.

A coffee roastery with different locations throughout Europe, of which 7 locations in Lisbon

Where you'll order a coffee and croissant with nutella, just like home!

Healthy comfort food

An all day long café. From early morning coffee's to late night drinks.

colorfull ceramics that come with a nice range of food and coffee of course

Vegans (and non vegans) mark this one.


My all time favorate restaurant of the week was

Super nice vibes, the food was really good and very tastefull. I liked the variety of the menu.

it's run by a young and very driven team. Little cool detail they have this sliding window that opens onto the street next to the entrance of the restaurant and that is used as an outdoor bar where clients of the restaurant but also non clients gather for a drink (and a smoke:) outside.

Natural wines, casual dining, good tunes.

Small and intimate setting and definitely a place where the volume of the music goes a bit higher towards the late hours.

The pizza place where you just can't have only 1 pizza!

A corner bar (in front of pizzeria Lupita) where you just walk in stand at the counter have a drink and move on. But don't miss it. The setting is an old tabaco store if I remebered well (after one too many drinks)

Actually that whole street has nice bars.

Music & Streetfood.

At first we were a bit hesitating to go in but actually if you're a vinyl/music lover, go and have a look.

A Basque-Italian Cocktailbar. Sounds good doesn't it.

Italian with a twist.

Middle Eastern snacky time.

A Greek Bistro.

We always enjoy a ballad through a park or botanical garden when city tripping.

So The botanical garden of Lisboa couldn't be missed either, let's say it's a nice 'walk in a park'.

On our 4th day in Lisbon I felt like escaping the hustle of the city for a couple of hours so we went for a hike and some culture to the Sintra area just 20" outside of the city.

We didn't visit Sintra or the palacio de Pena (next time) but we asked the uber to drop us of on the highest point of the mountain and we hiked it down through the park and the woods till' Quinta da Regaleira and visited this beautiful place.

Also a trip to Bellem with of course a mandatory stop at the famous Pasteis the Bellem HQ's is a must do to.

And at last the flea market - Feira da ladra- is still a go to on my list.

Next time, as there will certainly be a next time to Lisbon.

I hope by now you are as excited as I am about Lisbon, yet so many places to discover.

More on Lisbon guided by Margerita -> Instagram highlights and guide

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